Here’s an outtake from my shoot with the band Elvis Depressedly for The Fader. Decided to try something a little bit different for this one.
I didn’t know it was possible for rabbits to get bed head but here we are.

i got my nose pierced with an 18g and the nose ring i’ve had in for the past year or so is a 20g so my nose closed a lil :(( should i try to stretch it back??


some people are afraid of dogs but i’m afraid of the opposite of dogs. the absence of dogs. dogless space


disappointed that the tag boys in dresses does not in fact include any boys in dresses

you just have to scroll a lil ways, every once in a while there are really good ones


Joyce Manor. Bowery Ballroom. September 15, 2014.

these pics are so cool!!!
Anonymous asked:
"what tags do you track?"

'greenhouseghosts' and 'boys in dresses'


Glocca Morra

shoutout to refried beans made without lard u the real mvp